Our College

Over the years a great number of brilliant students, living in the far-flung areas of the District of South 24-parganas, have been missing the opportunity of undergoing B..Ed. training, for which their successes in the S.S.C Examination have not been very encouraging. It is those unfortunate young and hapless fellows for whom the famous English poet, Thomas Gray lamented long ago in his famous Elegy Written in a Country Church-yard,

Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And wastes its sweetness on the desert air.

The eternal elegiac refrain echoing through these lines touches our hearts when we think of how a precious "gem" remains hidden under the darkness in the seas, how the "sweetness" of a beautiful flower gets wasted on the desert air and how a prodigy in our society gets lost every year at the very early stage of his/her life for want of adequate facilities and opportunities. It is to meet this long-felt basic need of a B.Ed. College for those aspirants in the vicinity of Baruipur and its nearby places that a group of progressive-minded social workers of Bauipur and its surrounding areas, consisting of retired Professors, Head Mistress, Asstt. Teacher, working Head Mistress, acting teacher, some eminent retired executives/officers of Central Government and Central Government Undertakings with their proven educational worth, embarked upon a Project under the aegis of a Trust, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Education.

The Project as envisaged by the members of the Trust encompasses among others establishment of a full-fledged B.Ed. College ( self-financing) to impart training to the teachers, who are to take upon themselves the responsibility to shape and mould the lives of the students, the backbone of the nation. The purpose of this B.Ed. College shall be to impart that type of training to the would-be teachers, which would help them face the challenge of today and would shape them as good citizens of tomorrow.

Due to lack of infrastructure at its disposal the Government of the country has decided in favour of self-financing academic institutions as supplementary to its effort to provide educational training to the teachers of the country. Thus the self-financing institution, which came into force since 1990 are expected to play the most crucial role of a catalyst in the sphere of promotion and spread of education and especially its advancement of pedagogic learning in accordance with the laid down norms and guidelines of National Council for Teacher Education( NCTE).

The Trust members' dream came true, when our College, Dr B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Education, established and located in the idyllic set-up of Balarampur with its flora and fauna was recognized by NCTE and affiliated to the University of Calcutta in the year 2013. The College started its maiden academic session (2013-14) with a limited seats of one hundred students from the very same year.

In its odyssey to the future, the Trust believes in the words of late Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj, a great monk of "Encyclopedic knowledge" in the country, " Excellence is an ideal and because it is an ideal, it is never fully realized. It is in the struggle that one makes to realize it that lies the satisfaction". The members of the Trust, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Education fervently hope that the teachers, the students and all others connected with the College shall pull their weight together to keep the struggle going on.